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The team at Reef Tectonics would like to welcome you to our web site.

The purpose of this site is to introduce you to our company, to serve as a resource to current and future customers and to encourage you, at no risk, to contact us to determine if we can be of service to you and your aquarium. While we could provide a long dissertation explaining how wonderful we are – lowest prices, best in class service, 200 years combined experience - I will refrain. As you familiarize yourself with Reef Tectonics, you will quickly realize that we take a different approach to aquarium maintenance and customer service.

Ownership of an aquarium will be a significant investment for you in terms of time and money. Our average consult lasts less than an hour and is available at no cost or obligation. I think you would agree that the potential benefits of calling Reef Tectonics far exceed any risk. Take a look around our site and when you are ready to learn how Reef Tectonics can make owning an aquarium more enjoyable and less stressful, call or email for more information.
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