Reef Tectonics
"Not only has Reef Tectonics met our expectations but they have been so attentive to our every need. We now are proud to have our beautiful saltwater tank as the first thing our patients see when they come in but continue to sing the praises of Reef Tectonics whenever someone says “Wow! This is beautiful! Who takes care of your tank?” Just stop by and take a look and see for yourself!"

Heidi Cline
Lincoln Orthopaedic Center, P.C.
Our core service is Scheduled Aquarium Maintenance.
Visits are scheduled weekly, every other week or every 4 weeks. Our service programs have been developed and refined over the years to create what we consider “Best Practices.” Unfortunately, todays best practices are yesterday’s “New Innovations.” In addition to providing benchmark service through old fashioned hard work, we utilize numerous forms of technology in order to give us an edge over other providers. While it has been said that “imitation is the greatest form of flattery,” we find it to be the motivation to reinvent and redefine our organization again and again.

In addition to Scheduled Aquarium Maintenance, Reef Tectonics Offers:

Aquarium Leasing:
Reef Tectonics has created a 55-gallon aquarium system specifically for the customer interested in having an aquarium in their home or office without the burden of a large upfront investment. With a foot print of 50” Wide and 16” from the wall to the front of the base, the 55-gallon aquarium is a great fit for most any home or office. Our lease package is all inclusive. We provide the aquarium, oak base and canopy with locking doors on the base. All filtration, gravel, decorations, fish food and fish are included. Service frequency is every other week for the Out of Africa: Rift Lake Community or weekly for the Green with Envy: Amazon Fish and Plants. Reef Tectonics makes additional aquariums available in the lease program at their discretion.

Custom Aquarium Design and Installation:
Have an idea? Bring it to Reef Tectonics. We have the resources and experience to make just about anything you can imagine. If you have an installation idea that falls outside of our abilities, we will refer you to Aquarium Installation Companies with experience in systems up to 150,000 gallons, Yacht Installations as well as installations in Canada and Mexico. We also have Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia connections.

On-Call Service Visits:
Not ready to commit to regular service? Are you a hobbyist who is behind schedule due to unexpected responsibilities? No problem. Call Reef Tectonics to schedule service. Due to the variable nature of on-call visits, please plan for five to ten business days advance notice of desired service date range.

Aquarium Relocation Services:
Reef Tectonics has extensive experience in moving aquariums from one place to another. Aquarium relocation ranges from in-house moves for items like painting, carpet cleaning or replacement, in-town moving from one building to another, or even interstate. Pricing varies based on size and type of system, available personnel, and time restrictions imposed by client.

Emergency Services:
An unfortunate fact, combining water, electricity, multiple mechanical pumps and filters with live animals and it’s just a matter of time before problems occur. Our employees share a call schedule that insures we have coverage 24-hours per day, seven days per week, including holidays. The first step to any emergency related event is telephone assessment and damage control. We will ask you a series of questions to evaluate the problem, and take steps to limit damage to your property, your livestock and most importantly yourself. We will then dispatch a technician if the situation dictates immediate on-site attention to the problem.

Need a second opinion, planning a major aquarium project, new to the hobby? Give us a call. If your question is easy to address, we will just answer it. If we feel it requires research or more in-depth discussion, we will schedule a time to meet with you to address your matter to the extent you desire.